i have no excuses

and neither does sarah. honestly, bun-bun, if you’re gonna run a blog, at least /post/.


if i end up running this whole thing…do i get a promotion? pwetty pwease?

two months. no posts.

i’ve been busy on my own blog…


are you dead?

kidding, kidding, kidding. i’m not /that/ stupid. :p



I made one. Yay. Now don’t got tryin’ to find it, because you’ll never succeed, ahahahaha.


Sorry for the short post. See? Now it’s three paragraphs (does this even count) long, HA.

– deep breath in –

if this shows up under your username, then its my computer’s fault
it /might/ not, tho. so that’s the good news. HOWEVS, don’t get mad if it does, kay?
otherwise, I’ll have to direct you to those anger management classes—
breathe in through your nose
—and out through your mouth…

Things I’ve Just Noticed and Other Crap

I just noticed that I had twenty followers. 

I just noticed that I missed my blog’s one year anniversary. 

I just noticed that I had over 50 like on my blog (thanks, y’all) 

I just noticed that I really should’ve copy and pasted all the “I just noticed”‘s. 

I just noticed that I used three apostrophes in the above statement. 

I just noticed that this post really makes no sense. 

Good bye. 


I have decided to do categories. Gasp. It is, I have to be honest here, a totally new concept to me. “What? You haven’t heard of categorizing your posts?!” Believe me, I know about them, but…I just never did them. Okay. I posted. Hasta la vista.

Mahna Mahna

That song from the Muppets, I know. But what else am I supposed to put for a title? Something that actually relates to the post?! Heck, no. I feel so ridiculously proud of myself–I finished Divergent before the movie even came out. *pats self on back* Speaking of the movie, any of y’all planning on trying to watch it on the day it comes out? Because, all of sudden, that’s the only day I have in mind when I want to see an up-and-coming movie. You know…

Friend: Oooh! I’m going to see Whatever The Heck The Movie Is.

Me: Oh, I already say that, like, a month ago. You know, when it came out?

Friend: …

Me: Yeah, I’m just that awesome.

Friend: *bored*

Me: *starts to spoil the movie*

Friend: Party pooper.